(VIDEO) ElectraWoman & DynaGirl Getting a Reboot

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Rember Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? Of Course You Don’t!


Now, in case you didn’t have the privilege of being a kid in 1976 and are, perhaps, unfamiliar with this female dynamic duo, let us get you up to speed.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl aired 16 episodes in a single season as part of the umbrella series The Krofft Supershow in 1976The program playfully, but deliberately, lampooned that other dynamic duo, Batman and Robin, taking many of its cues from the earlier Batman television series.  You’ve heard of the Kroft Supershow right?  You know, Sid and Marty Krofft? Land of the Lost? HR Pufnstuf? Bigfoot and Wildboy?

I either just brought back some great childhood memories or you’re totally bewildered.  Regardless, the Kroffts were the force behind most of the insane kids programming of the 1970s and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were part of that insanity for a little while,

Now, YouTube stars Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart are reprising the duo and follows their move from Ohio to Los Angeles in the hopes of making it big in the superhero world. The reboot will be executive produced by the Krofft brothers with Fullscreen to oversee US distribution and Legendary to oversee the show’s distribution globally

After you watch the trailer for the new series, be sure to scroll down so you can watch the opening credits from the original in all it’s 1976 glory!

Watch the trailer here:

Watch the Opening Credits from the Original Show:

Did you watch this when you were a kid?  Share your memories of the original with the younglings reading this!

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