7 Ways Civil War Film Will Differ from the Comics

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Civil War is Approaching, But It Will Be a Different War Than in The Comics


Marvel’s Civil War is one of the biggest and most ambitious story-lines ever told in the Marvel Universe. Needless to say, the story is just too big and too packed with characters to fit everything from the comics into one movie. Here is a list of events that took place in the comic books that probably won’t make it to the big screen.

The New Warriors won’t be the catalyst for the Superhuman Registration Act.


Public sentiment toward superheroes plummeted after an incident in Stamford, Connecticut, in which the New Warriors, a group of young superheroes and the focus of a reality TV show, botched an attempt to apprehend a group of supervillains in a quest for better ratings. In the resulting fight the villain Nitro used his explosive powers to destroy several city blocks, including an elementary school at the epicenter, resulting in the death of over 600 civilians, 60 of whom were children. This event prompts the government to pass the law requiring all Superhumans to reveal their true identity and become paid employees of S.H.E.I.L.D.

In Captain America: Civil War it will be the the events that took place during Avengers: Age of Ultron that ultimately prompt the passage of the Superhuman Registration Act. Marvel Studio released this statement regarding the film:

Following the events of Age of Ultron, the collective governments of the world pass an act designed to regulate all superhuman activity. This polarizes opinion amongst the Avengers, causing two factions to side with Iron Man or Captain America, which causes an epic battle between former allies.

The Iron Spider


Created by Tony Stark to supplement Spider-Man’s powers and abilities, the Spider-Man Armored Fighting Suit Version 1.1 was dubbed “The Iron Spider” costume and was known for it’s startling change of red and gold as well as a trio of retractable mechanical arms. Although extremely useful, Spider-Man also discovered several unsettling things about the Iron Spider uniform, such as the fact that it allowed Stark to secretly monitor him as well as analyze his powers and later even create countermeasures for them. Spider-Man subsequently abandoned the Iron Spider after he switched sides during The Civil War.

With Spider-man being a new addition to the MCU it’s safe to say that it’s still too early for Peter to be given the Iron Spider Suit. However, rumors have surfaced that Tony Stark will be helping Peter build the web shooters for his costume. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Spider-Man Unmasked


One of the more shocking and pivotal events in the Civil War storyline is the public unmasking of Spider-Man, revealing himself to the world as Peter Parker. Tony Stark convinces Peter that heroes need to be held accountable, just as law enforcement is, and that to make a statement for their cause, he needs to unmask to the world. In a milestone moment in comics history, Peter does the unthinkable and reveals his secret identity.

Clearly it’s way too early in the MCU to reveal Spider-Man’s true identity. Not only that but the MCU version of Peter Parker is going to be a high school student and not the older Peter Parker from the comic book. Again, it’s safe to say that this event will not happen in Captain American: Civil War.

The Death of Goliath


Bill Foster aka Goliath is killed by a clone of Thor during a battle between the Secret Avengers (Cap’s side) and Iron Man’s pro-registration forces. Foster is buried as a giant, with Iron Man paying for the thirty-eight burial plots required to accommodate him. His death affected the balance of forces in the war, leading several characters to switch sides.

It would be surprising if this event made it into the film. There’s been no talk of Goliath making in appearance on the big screen. Although it would make for an amazing on screen event it’s unlikely that we will get to see it.

Reed Richards and Tony Stark create Ragnarok


During the events of Civil War the whereabouts of Thor are unknown and some speculate the he may in fact be dead. Reed Richards and Tony Stark use a strand of Thor’s hair containing his DNA to clone the God of Thunder and create Ragnarok. Ragnarok eventually goes on to kill Goliath in one of the first battles of the Civil War. Later, Tony and Reed program Ragnarok so that he is incapable of killing.

It’s yet to be known if Ragnarok will appear in the film. We do know that Ragnarok will be the main antagonist in Thor 3, however. Either way, the fact that Fox owns the rights to Reed Richards is enough to guarantee that he won’t make it into the movie version of Civil War and seeing as how Tony is responsible for creating Vision in Avengers Age of Ultron, it may come off as repetitive and redundant to have Tony create yet another Superhero on screen so soon.

Prison in the Negative Zone


During the Super-Hero Civil War, a group of heroes led by Iron Man, Mister Fantastic and Yellowjacket created a massive prison in the Negative Zone to house captured non-registering heroes as they waited for their trials. It was designated Negative Zone Prison Alpha. Tony Stark himself named it “Project 42”, as it had been the 42nd idea out of a hundred that he, Reed Richards and Hank Pym had created following the Stamford Disaster. There were portals to it planned for every single state so prisoners could be transported there by the different teams in the Fifty State Initiative- including one at Ryker’s Island. It was very clean, with sanitation, but extremely heavily-guarded, including password-changes in every ten minutes.

Seeing as how the Negative Zone is a concept originated for the Fantastic Four story-lines and created by Reed Richards it’s highly unlikely that it will appear in the Civil War film. Although it is safe to assume that a non-negative zone prison or Project 42 will exist in some form or another on screen.

The Punisher


After a series of escalating violence and secret government projects revealed by none other than The Punisher, Spider-man decides to switch sides and fight against Iron Man and the pro-registrations. A fight ensues where Spider-man is wounded and barely escapes into the sewer only to be saved by The Punisher who brings him to Captain America and the Secret Avengers.

Another interesting event that happens during Civil War involves Captain America beating Frank Castle senseless after he mows down a group of bad guys with a machine gun. Cap attacks Frank calling him a psychopath but Frank refuses to fight back as he has too much respect for Captain America.

Frank Castle is also responsible for infiltrating Project 42 which sets the stage for the final showdown between the two sides of the civil war.

Seeing as how The Punisher is slated for a significant role in season 2 of the hit Netflix series Daredevil, it’s safe to assume that he won’t be appearing in Civil War.

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Of course, we could be all wrong and they could throw all this and more into one giant gumbo of Marvel Cinematic Universe awesomeness.  What do you think?  What event from the comic do you hope will make it into Captain America: Civil War?

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