What to expect this season on Arrow and The Flash

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New Villains, New Heroes & New Places – So Much To Look Forward To!


With Labor Day approaching, thoughts are turning to the Fall TV season and the CW’s triumvirate of DC shows, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, along with the animated series on CW Seed, Vixen. Thompson Tomas over at Moviepilot put together this awesome list of not 5, not 15 but 40 things to look forward to this season!

1. The Return of Sara Lance

Ever since The Canary was killed at the beginning of Season 3, she’s been sorely missed. It’s been good news to everyone that Caity Lotz’s character would make her return in episode 4 of Arrow this season.

2. Constantine

Hellblazer ready to go

Hellblazer ready to go

Even though John Constantine had his show cancelled, much to the disappointment of fans, through a last ditch effort with help from Stephen Amell, Matt Ryan’s version of the character will make his way to Arrow this season to help with the resurrection of Sara Lance. Although this is only a one shot return so far, establishing Constantine in the universe is a first step to possibly seeing him again in the future.

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3. The New Arrow Cave

Better than the BatCave? It just might be.

Better than the BatCave? It just might be.

With the original Arrow Cave being the subject of a police raid near the end of season 3, it’s easy to see why the team might need a new base of operations. If you all remember Oliver’s second hideout that was revealed in Season 2 during the Deathstroke Arc, it seems likely that that will be where they decide to set up shop. Either there, or under Palmer Tech, what with Felicity recently receiving a promotion.

4. The Green Arrow Suit

Now that's what I'm talking about

Now that’s what I’m talking about

With Roy’s public outing as the Arrow in order to save Oliver from prison, the Arrow identity can no longer be used without jeopardizing Roy’s sacrifice. It makes sense, then, that he would need a new moniker to go by, and a new suit to match. While I’m a little confused as to how people aren’t going to recognize him as having the same hood and archer motif, I have to say it’s a pretty fantastic costume.

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5. Diggle’s New Look

Diggle or Robocop?

Diggle or Robocop?

In his parting words to Diggle last season, Oliver suggested that his friend get some sort of ‘identity concealment’. It looks like Diggle took his advice, as this blurry piece of concept art shows. It’s also been hinted that Diggle might be getting a code name as well, and hopefully it’s not ‘Black Driver’ as actor David Ramsey humorously put out there. Some fans are speculating that Dig might be evolving into this universe’s version of Guardian, which is a very real possibility.

6. Star City

Goodbye Starling, hello Star! It seems that after being teased in a few onscreen moments and by Ray Palmer in his introduction to the show, the city is finally going to have its name from the comics.

7. Magic

Now I know what you’re thinking, and yes, magic has been in Arrow, at least with the Lazarus Pit. But it seems that that was just the tip of the iceberg, as it’s been reported that Season Four is going to delve deeply into mysticism. We know it’ll be happening with Sara and Constantine this season, but what else is there?

8. Coast City

At the end of last year’s Hong Kong flashbacks, we see a younger Oliver stowing away on a ship bound for Coast City USA, home of the famous Ferris Airways and another one of DC’s more recognizable green superheroes. Seeing as this year’s flashbacks are taking place here, it’s safe to say that a lot of action will be headed that way.

9. Carol Ferris?

It looks like Oliver is getting a new love interest in the Coast City flashbacks this year, and plenty of fans are suspecting that it is going to be Carol Ferris, as actress Elysia Rotaru seems to fit the role just perfectly.

10. Green Lantern Easter Eggs

This should go without saying, but even if the CW universe is denied from using the actual Green Lantern on the show, there’s no way that these flashbacks won’t be chock full of easter eggs. Hal Jordan even got a mention on The Flash last season, citing that the reason the Ferris Air field in Central City was shut down was because of a ‘test pilot that went missing’ earlier.

11. Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E.

Neal McDonough, the actor who will portray Darhk

Neal McDonough, the actor who will portray Darhk

Multiple smaller storylines have converge onto this, the big bad for season four, Damien Darhk. Going all the way from hiring Deadshot to kill Andy Diggle to finding out his origins in the League of Assassins, Darhk and his organization H.I.V.E. seem to always have been a part of the universe, hiding in the shadows until now.

12. Felicity’s Dad

Do we already know who he is? Or do we have no idea?

Do we already know who he is? Or do we have no idea?

Felicity’s father has been hinted at as being a very dangerous man through Arrow seasons 2 and 3, but do we already know who it is? According to rumors and speculation, Felicity’s dad will have his identity revealed this season, and he may very well be none other than Damien Darhk.

13. Mister Terrific

One of the more surprising additions to the cast this year is Echo Kellum, playing Mister Terrific. He will be working with Felicity, making sense as both individuals are tech experts, yet it is uncertain just how far his character will go towards becoming the superhero from the comics.

14. Anarky

Surprisingly enough, the secondary villain for the season is one of the lesser known members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery, Anarky. This villain is more known for being a firm believer in anarchy and endlessly attempts to counteract the government and authority in general. Alexander Calvert will play Anarky on the show and his character may be working for Damien Darhk.

15. Atom Smasher

Another new character this season is Atom Smasher, who although usually a hero in the comics, looks like he’s going to make his debut as a villain on The Flash. It is unknown if he is going to start off with his ability to grow larger or if he will attain it later, but only time will tell.

16. Zoom is Coming

The name of the first Flash trailer for season two, it seems as though Zoom will be the main antagonist for season two. It remains unknown just which evil speedster he will be modeled after, as all we know is that he is blue and probably from Earth 2.

17. Patti Spivot

After the saddening death of Detective Eddie Thawne, Joe West is going to need a new partner, and looks like it’s going to be Patti Spivot. In the New 52 comics, Patti is the girlfriend of Barry Allen and it looks as though she is going to be a love interest for him this season too.

18. Vibe

One of the biggest reveals of Flash season one was why Cisco was remembering events that had happened in an alternate timeline. As Eobard Thawne said it, he was seeing through “the vibrations of the universe”. This late state of power development will undoubtedly mean that his abilities will only grow later on in the series.

19. Killer Frost

In the last season finale, while Barry was running through the Speed Force he saw his past, present, and multiple possible futures. One of the things he saw was his friend Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost. This brings up a lot of questions, such as since Killer Frost is generally a villain in the comics, if Caitlin will evolve into one, or if maybe this Killer Frost is a different Caitlin Snow from a different universe, now that that possibility has opened up.

20. Jay Garrick

Eobard Thawne, Joe West and Cisco all witnessed Jay Garrick‘s helmet fly out of the anomaly and into S.T.A.R. Labs, which Thawne took as his signal to leave. We now know that Jay, the Flash of Earth 2, will be seeing Barry this season and warning him of a threat to his world.

21. Wally West

Wally West has officially been confirmed for season two, but not much else has been said. It is apparent that he will be based on the New 52 version of the character, but beyond that it remains hard to say.

22. Harrison Wells?

Actor Tom Cavanaugh is confirmed to be a series regular in season two, but it hasn’t been revealed yet in what capacity that will be in. Fans are suspecting that he will be the original Harrison Wells, as now that Eobard ceased to exist it is possible that his act of killing the original Harrison Wells never happened.

23. Earth 2

The wormhole that opened up at the end of last season broke through the barriers between universes, so there will be plenty of interaction with Earth-2, or a parallel Earth.

24. New Flash Suit

As Barry’s last Flash suit will have been ruined by the time he is done attempting to fix the wormhole, Cisco will have to make more. This time, however, it seems that there will be some slight redesigns, including a slightly brighter red and a white background on the Flash symbol.

25. Flash Signal?

Most people aren’t quite sure what to make of this, but it looks as if Central City will be implementing a Flash Signal? This is one thing I’m sure fans of Gotham’s Dark Knight won’t mind the CW-verse implementing from him.

26. Mirror Master

Mirror Master is one of Flash’s more prominent Rogues, and it was a little surprising not to see him in season one. However, now that he’s confirmed for season two fans are overjoyed and on the edges of their seats in anticipation.

27. Doctor Alchemy

Another one of Flash’s foes, although not as well known as the others Doctor Alchemy is a formidable foe. Unfortunately, not much is known about his character on the show at this time.

28. More Rogues

The Rogues are undoubtedly a big part of the Flash universe: that explains why so many episodes were dedicated to them in season one. It is obvious, then, that there are going to be more Rogues introduced, and further team ups down the road.

29. Doctor Light

Kimiyo Hoshi, the second Doctor Light, is set to appear in season two of The Flash. Unlike her villainous predecessor, she is a hero, using her light based powers for good.

30. Doctor Light?

What’s confusing about the show adding the female Doctor Light is that in the episode of Arrow where Caitlin and Cisco were introduced, Cisco spoke of Arthur Light, an old S.T.A.R. Labs employee who went insane. Will both Doctor Lights be brought into the universe?

31. Supergirl Easter Eggs?

While a spokesperson at CBS said that the Supergirl show was not open to doing crossovers at this time, he left the possibility open for ones in the future. This being said, there may be easter eggs for Kara during the season.

32. White Canary

While Sara Lance is being brought back from the dead, she won’t be using her old Canary name or getup. Instead, it seems she will be called the White Canary, loosely based off the comic book character of the same name, probably to contrast her sister Laurel, who has become the Black Canary.

33. Shrinking Atom

Well hey there, little guy!

Well hey there, little guy!

As confirmed in the last season finale of Arrow, Ray Palmer has been studying how to shrink his ATOM suit, resulting in a massive explosion at the top of Palmer Technologies. It seems his experiments have worked, and the Atom will finally have his powers from the comics.

34. Vandal Savage

The big bad for all of Legends of Tomorrow, Vandal Savage will be introduced during the two part crossover of Arrow and The Flash. He is an immortal who has been alive for over 50 thousand years who the team will travel through time to stop.

35. Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl was teased at the end of The Flash last year, but we will see her in full winged glory once LoT starts coming out early next year. This version of the character, it seems, will be a reincarnation of older Thanagarians

36. Hawkman

Next to nothing has been revealed about Hawkman so far, only that he will be on LoT. It is safe to assume that he will mostly be around for Hawkgirls exposition, but may have a bigger role later on.

37. New Firestorm?

Ronnie and Jason

Ronnie and Jason

People got suspicious when Robbie Amell was not listed as a cast member on the show, and it looks like Martin Stein will be sharing bodies with another individual. Only known now as Jay Jackson, this new actor could be a recast for the Jason Rusch that was present in Flash season one.

38. Rip Hunter

The time travelling man who Reverse Flash accredited as having made the first time spheres is who will bring all the Legends together and accompany them to stop Savage.

39. Time Spheres

These nifty little devices were introduced last year by Reverse Flash, and will probably be the Legends’ method of transportation throughout time.

39. Vixen

Vixen is such an important character, not only because she is the first superheroine of color to lead her own series, but just because she’s a badass in general. Seeing her use the powers of her totem and coming to terms with her heritage is going to be amazing on screen.

40. Live Action Vixen?

Megalyn Echikunwoke, the actress who voices Vixen

Megalyn Echikunwoke, the actress who voices Vixen

The good news is, if they ever decide to bring a live version of Vixen to either of the other shows they can, because the actress doesn’t look wildly different from her animated persona. Not confirmed, but it would be cool!

Hopefully more crossovers on the way as well!

Courtesy of Moviepilot

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