Mad Max Director to Helm Man of Steel 2?

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Fury Road Meets Metropolis?


Despite the fact that Warner Bros. has yet to peg a firm release date for Man of Steel 2, rumors are already flying about who will sit in the helm for the Superman sequel.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the Man of Steel sequel?” Yes and no. While it may have started that way, especially since Zack Snyder was returning to the director’s chair after the 2013 stand-alone Supes film, it quickly evolved into a franchise film that could open up Warner Bros.’ DC Cinematic Universe (ie the Marvel Effect). Having Batman get top billing in the follow-up film would have stolen the thunder from the Kryptonian hero, though Henry Cavill himself said that the universe needed to be developed a bit more before another solo adventure could take place.

That brings us to today’s rumor that George Miller of Mad Max and Happy Feet fame has gotten the nod to direct Man of Steel 2. While this is not officially confirmed, Miller certainly has a good relationship with Warner Bros. after Mad Max Fury Road brought in nearly $400 million at the worldwide box office, but he also has a history with DC’s feature properties. He was once tapped to helm the studio’s adaptation of Justice League: Mortals, though that project was ultimately scrapped. The good thing is that fans can check out some concept art from his time on-board the movie and that a documentary exploring the film’s failed production process is in the works. The great thing is that Miller may get a chance to return to the DC Universe with an all new Superman movie.

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Most of us know that the director of this year’s hit movie Mad Max: Fury RoadGeorge Miller, was at one point set to direct a Justice League movie that never happened, but according to a new rumor Miller will still get his shot at a DC property with Man of Steel 2.

A direct sequel to Man of Steel is noticeably missing from the slate of upcoming DC film, but we have to assume that it will happen sooner or later, and when it does if the rumors are true we will see Miller at the helm.

Zach Snyder

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