Multi-Dimensional Weirdness Coming in ‘Doctor Strange’

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is About to Get Trippy- In a Good Way!


Marvel Studio chief Kevin Feige took the stage at Disney’s annual D23 Expo to talk Marvel’s Phase 3 and showed fans a teaser reel of concept art that will be the inspiration for Doctor Strange. The reel showed the Benedict Cumberbatch in the Sorcerer Supremen’s traditional outfit with a red cloak as well as in another attire that looked similar to a trench coat.



The studio chief described the upcoming movie to be unique and one of a kind. He promised the audience the movie will continue to “push the boundaries” of the cinematic universe of the stories based from Marvel comic books. Feige added that fans will definitely be excited with “Doctor Strange” and the many things he will bring to the story.

Cumberbatch was not able to attend the event due to other commitments but he sent a video to the audience instead. He opened with the Vulcan salute (“Wait, wrong movie”), and hints at a lot of “multiple dimensions” to be seen in Doctor Strange. “Multiple dimensions,” dropped multiple times throughout the presentation, is definitely the official Doctor Strange D23 buzzword.

“I’m very excited to be taking on ‘Doctor Strange’ for Marvel,” Benedict told the audience. “He’s an extraordinary character and brings in a whole other dimension… hmm… MULTIPLE dimensions to the Marvel universe.”

Aside from the hint that the Quantum Realm of “Ant-Man” will play a bigger part in the world of Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch himself teased of other things that fans can expect from movie.

“You’re going to get girls, cars, explosions…and astral projections into multiple universes.  The usual fare.”


I, for one, am looking forward to a trip to the Astral Plane!


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Feige then showed the concept art that drew comparisons to films like Inception as well as Disney’s Fantasia.

The D23 concept art showed Strange going to the far east, then being transported to multiple dimensions. Cars flying through the air in the city, Baron Mordo fighting him, and the full on red caped look straight out of the comics.  There was even a quick 1-second CGI shot of Strange shooting magic bolts to cap it all off. The concept art drew a huge reaction from the crowd.

We’ll update with the actual image if and when it’s released, although Marvel’s said that they’re quite a ways away from sharing any of the Doctor Strange D23 material with the world at large.


I’m giddy over this one and am going to go dig out my Dr Strange omnibus to hold me over while we anxiously await more psychedelic goodness once filming gets under way.

What do you think?  Can Marvel go full-on weird with Dr Strange and still pull off a mainstream commercial hit?  Share your thoughts below!




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