You Can Help Make Young Justice Season 3 Happen!

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Binge Watch Young Justice on Netflix and Help Make Season 3 Happen!

Keep Binging Young Justice on Netflix

If you haven’t heard, Netflix is considering renewing Young Justice for season 3. When the series came to a close back in 2013, there was an immediate uproar from the fans. The series had ended with a semi-fulfilling conclusion that only answered some of the viewers questions and left us all thinking “What the hell? Why did you end it like that? What?”.

Since the speculation began to circulate that Netflix were interested in the show’s continuation, fans have been creating video (such as the one below) and using any other social media platform they have to let their desires for a third season known:

As well as regular viewers, the rallying has spread to celebrities too – including Young Justice star, Danica McKellar.

At the same time, Young Justice’s very own Greg Weisman has made attempts to keep the campaign clear by giving fans one hashtag to use to share their passion for the show.

Comic book artist Christopher Jones drew the companion Young Justice comic book for DC  has been spearing the love with his followers as well:

Hopefully, you share my excitement in this endeavor, and decide to take your passion for Young Justice and announce it on social platforms in order to get a third season. Remember to use Greg Weisman’s hashtag and let Netflix know how successful this show can be!

Are you excited about the possibility of Young Justice’s return? Then do your part! Tweets are good, but watching the show on Netflix and buying the DVD of seasons one and season two will help – show the studio that Young Justice fans will put their money where their fandom is!

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