10 of the Most Incredible Batman Cosplays

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Here’s Some Costume Inspirations to Kick Off October


Straight of out Gotham City, or the internet anyway, we’ve found 10 of the best Batman cosplayers who bring new meaning to the saying  “Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman.”

10. Miami & Carlos Blanchard as Batman and Catwoman

This husband and wife cosplay team did a fantastic job capturing the Batman and Catwoman dynamic.

9. LEGO Batman

Arguably the only thing better than an insanely realistic Batman costume is an insanely realistic Lego Batman costume.

via People.com

8. These epic Dark Knight cosplayers caught in a face-off at London Film and Comic Convention 2012

7. This Batman Beyond Costume

This simple, streamlined costume perfectly captures the animated design from Batman Beyond. He even created a “battle-damaged” alternate.

by DeviantArt user BatmanBeyondfan2009

6. Medieval Armor Batman

A veritable Dark Knight, this custom all-leather suit of armor was molded to look like the armor Batman would wear in a Medieval-inspired alternate fantasy universe, complete with an Bat Blade.

5. This Batman at NYCC

Spotted at New York City Comic Con 2014, get a load of the wingspan on this insane Batman costume!

4.Kirk Wayne-Playbat as Batman and FairyPorchQueen as Catwoman Photos by Sonesh Joshi

Expertly staged in a parking garage, this Nolan-inspired photoshoot could have been taken right off the set of The Dark Knight.

3. DC Steampunk Cosplayers


Strap on your goggles, the DC Steampunk Cosplay group has re-imagined Batman and his entire rogue’s gallery with fantastic Victorian flair. The full cast includes Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Zatanna, Two-Face, the Riddler, Scarecrow, and many more from the DC Universe.


2. Julian Checkley and Order 66 Creatures and Effects

Cosplayer and master craftsman Julian Checkley’s Batman: Arkham Origins suit features armor made from 3D printed urethane, modeled straight from the digital game files, in order to replicate the real suit as closely as possible. Along with the 3D printed armor, they recreated some of Batman’s favorite gadgets, including an incredible working fireball gauntlet, folding Batarangs, as well as a wrist computer that displays a loop of the SONAR POV from the video game.

Oh, and did we mention the WORKING fireball gauntlet?

via Facebook

1. Batman’s Parents

Ok they aren’t Batman, but this dynamic duo was too hard to pass up. Carrying a sign reading “The Wayne Family,” this cosplaying couple spent their time at a recent con scouting out fans dressed as Batman, in front of whom they would shout, “Son!” and fall to the floor, mimicking the traumatic death of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

via Reddit

article courtesy of Sideshowtoys.com
Let us know your favorite of these incredible cosplays?

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